Vandalia Digital’s Partnership Packages are the most effective way to achieve drastic results.

Whether you need help bringing your business up to today’s technology, have several large projects in the works or just want a full marketing team at a fraction of the salary, we can work out a custom plan for your organization.

Utilizing our Partnership Program creates an additional marketing team that works for you.

That means you can focus on running yours.

The Vandalia Digital Team is positioned with the incredible team to add value as your virtual marketing team. 

With specialists in web design, system integrations, graphic design, digital advertising, social media, tech stacks, logistics, printing and much more at your service; we’ve got you covered for any marketing situation.

Our Partnership Program is unique in the fact that we can dive into much more than just your marketing. We can help you build custom tools to make your business flow smoother. We analyze your shipping processes and implement more efficient solutions. Have a breakdown anywhere in your process? We can create a solution to solve your unique problems, as well as be there for you as you grow.


We’ve got your back with every step of your business journey and can help you solve problems at any point along the way. 

  • Every business is unique so we start off by doing a deep dive on your business to figure out the exact problems that need to be addressed and brainstorm solutions with you.
  • We set up weekly or biweekly calls to stay in constant lock-step with each other.  We also create these partner portals from scratch to keep up consistently up to date
  • Once we set the scope of our work and the results you need, our team will get to work and always strives to exceed your expectations
  • Anything and everything that we can measure, and we’re data nerds BTW, will be available on a comprehensive dashboard and results will be reviewed on each call so pinpoint what is working and not working.
  • Once we get those results and optimize, it is time for us to help you scale your business and repeat the steps that we see working and help optimize all aspects of growth.

Small Business Coaching

Marketing sometimes creates new issues in operations, production or logistics.

We’re uniquely positioned to take an outsider’s look at your business to identify the weaknesses and brainstorm solutions.

Once we can help patch those leaks and fix any production issues, then we can do our jobs better marketing and scaling your business properly. Whether it is shipping solutions, employee recruitment, digitizing and automating processes to smoothen production, we’re here for you.

Your team is ready to help you grow your business!

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Our Goodwill

What Folks Have to Say


Blenko Glass Company has worked with Vandalia Digital since 2017.  Year after year, Vandalia Digital’s work and dedication has increased our online sales dramatically and has brought our business back into the realm of profitability.  For three years now, Vandalia Digital has doubled our Black Friday and Cyber Monday online sales and has had significant success and impact driving foot traffic to our Visitors Center.

In addition, Vandalia Digital has provided consulting and managed IT services to Blenko that increase our productivity, security, and ensure our business runs smoothly.
I say this with great conviction – without Vandalia Digital, Blenko would not be here today.
Dean Six
Blenko Glass Company

Vandalia Digital’s marketing team can, seemingly, come up with an endless variety of innovative and effective solutions to the marketing challenges facing our company. When OVP HEALTH began partnering with Vandalia Digital, then Infinity Marketing, four years ago, our company was much smaller and much less visible than the dynamic, rapidly expanding company it is today. And the tremendous team at Vandalia has played a key role in helping us achieve that growth and success.

Doug Shiels
OVP Health