Driving your target customers to your digital doorstep with conversions in mind.

At Vandalia Digital, you’re more than just a number or even a client, we want to be your partners and we care about your success.  With many advertising channels in our toolkit, we will find a solution that works for you.

We want to drive traffic to create conversions.

The old phrase, “if you build it, they will come” doesn’t really apply to websites and organic social media these days.

With a good website and good content coming out on the regular, you need the right people to see that content.  Most digital channels are pay to play systems these days so we take the most logical steps to getting traffic sent your way.

Digital Ads

Your business is unique. So is your audience. We have a wide range of options to help find people and drive traffic to your business.  We’ll guide you to a solution that works best for you and your goals.

Social Media Ads
  • Whether you need to build your Facebook page likes, retarget web visitors, find your perfect B2B clients on LinkedIn, or create some fun TikTok video ads, we have the solution
  • There are some creepy ways to target people today, but we must use our powers for good!  Let’s find your people where they already are and get in front of them across multiple platforms
Google Search
  • Google Search Ads are one of the most effective avenues because you are getting in front of clients as they are in the active buying mindset and looking for your solution. Be there when they are ready
Connected TV
  • Today’s television markets are changing. Most people are streaming their programs.  Stay in front of them with detailed targeting options that will play on their streaming device on many different apps
Cable TV
  • For those target audiences that still like their cable television and haven’t cut the cord. We have solutions to creatively target certain markets and channels to reach your goals.

Digital Fundraising

Fundraising is a major task for most Non Profit Organizations and Political Candidates.

We take a very analytic and targeted approach to fundraising.  Once we target and gather the data needed to plan the best approach, we get a series of donation ads going during a single campaign.

With every donation campaign, our most important goal is to bring is grow positive donation numbers and raise more than the adspend is costing you. We control this very closely and constantly monitor to optimize our efforts.

Need help brainstorming the best tactics for your specific situation? Schedule a Consultation to chat about it.

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Our Goodwill

What Folks Have to Say


Blenko Glass Company has worked with Vandalia Digital since 2017.  Year after year, Vandalia Digital’s work and dedication has increased our online sales dramatically and has brought our business back into the realm of profitability.  For three years now, Vandalia Digital has doubled our Black Friday and Cyber Monday online sales and has had significant success and impact driving foot traffic to our Visitors Center.

In addition, Vandalia Digital has provided consulting and managed IT services to Blenko that increase our productivity, security, and ensure our business runs smoothly.
I say this with great conviction – without Vandalia Digital, Blenko would not be here today.
Dean Six
Blenko Glass Company

Vandalia Digital’s marketing team can, seemingly, come up with an endless variety of innovative and effective solutions to the marketing challenges facing our company. When OVP HEALTH began partnering with Vandalia Digital, then Infinity Marketing, four years ago, our company was much smaller and much less visible than the dynamic, rapidly expanding company it is today. And the tremendous team at Vandalia has played a key role in helping us achieve that growth and success.

Doug Shiels
OVP Health